What we have in mind while creating the brand is how will we be able to share happiness to the world. After a lot of thinking and exploration we have come up to make business where it is not just us profiting but also to make our customers be part of the brand and its profit. 
In todays world, social media is the key of all businesses worldwide and people are too much into social media so we will make it a business with a partnership. After having the commitment we want to have, the next step is to think of jewelries that symbolizes happiness and empowerment. We now have the commitment and the jewelries and then comes across our minds about equality so we decided to create this brand with equality across genders. The world is cruel enough and we want to help the world understand that equality brings peace and peace brings happiness. 
The pieces of jewels you are seeing right now are crafted according to the message we want the world to have-happiness.